Brand identification

Logo design from 1000 PLN > details

Brandbook design from 850 PLN + logo cost > details

Brand hero from 1200 PLN

Business card 200 PLN

Letterhead design 200 PLN

Notebook design 150 PLN

Folder design 300 PLN

Envelope design 120 PLN

Large format designs

Rollup 240 PLN

Poster 360 PLN

Banner 240 PLN

Billboard from 360 PLN

Hour of work 120 PLN

Internet projects

Website layout design from 1200 PLN

Subpage design from 400 PLN

Mobile application layout from 1400 PLN

Banner design from 120 PLN

Adwords banners > details
– static from 400 PLN

– dynamic from 600 PLN


Printable designs

Flyer design in formats A6, A5 i DL
one-sided design 240 PLN

two-sided design 360 PLN

Projekt ulotki w formatach A4, A4-A5, A4-DL
one-sided design 300 PLN
two-sided design 480 PLN

Leaflet design in formats other than those listed – I set the price individually

Hour of work 120 PLN


Design and composition of the publication

Cover graphic design from 250 PLN

Text page design 40 PLN

Graphic page design 80 PLN

Infographics design from 240 PLN

Illustration design from 120 PLN


Hour of work 120 PLN

I issue invoices, but I am VAT exempt. On request, I can also issue a receipt. The deadlines are set individually, dependant on the complexity of the project.
If you have any questions pleace contact me. Brief Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Wiktoria Czarnecka
+48 506 058 573