Wiktoria Czarnecka

graphic & web designer

+48 506 058 573

About me

My name is Wiktoria Czarnecka and I am the graphic designer.

Graphic Design is my, constantly developing, passion which allows me to improve my virtual Garden, as well as to creatively foresee the Clients needs
The ever increasing competition causes the Company's identity to dissolve itself in the masses of similar graphic solutions, thus my approach to every commission is individualized.
I think that visual identification should be coherent and invoke certain emotions, which through proper marketing strategy will allow to reach the set goals.


I stared my adventure in Graphic design in 2004, but my company was created 5 years later, when it became apparent that I have more ideas than work hours in the TOM print shop I was working at the time and later at the advertisement agency, MARDO.

My adventures continued in Kando, a company from Bydgoszcz, a leading producer of reflective gadgets, where i was not only a graphic designer but also dabbled in marketing. Currently I am working for TURON advertisement agency where my creative powers are put to good use.

My commissions are full range from visual identification in the Internet, as well as good old fashioned print.

In some other areas, the Ideas are still sprouting.....

And the Garden is growing every day.

Idea of The Garden

I try to have an unconventional approach, keeping in mid what is currently "in", yet I do not like to replicate and schematic work.

I am looking for new solutions and my work is strictly conceptual.

I don't do piecework, I will not prepare a logo in "24h"

If the project is to be refined, I need time – to think it through and to create it with utmost precision.

After initial arrangements, I will send the first proposals in 2-3 days, and if what was agreed in accordance to the deadline allows, I will adapt to the Clients needs.

Any doubts and questions should be answered on the Conditions of Cooperation subpage.


Graphic Design has many practical applications in an infinite number of implementations – posters, leaflets, banners, portraits, technical sketches…but above all, every company owner wants his firm to be clearly associated with professionalism expressed in color, symbol, which are a coherent and recognizable whole. Visual identification allows us to design our own individuality.

My previous clients:

Mergus, JaZdam, KAHI · Lomi/Tantra/Sound, Kobiety w Biegu, Kobiecanki.pl, ModBiS.pl, domodi, Domu Wydawniczego Limbus, Molpharma, Wermax, Biznes Edukatora, Sieci Szkół Bułhaka, Sieci Szkół MAŁA LINGUA, Viva House Investment, tuGSM, Fotobudki PartyKing.pl, AMT, Kalinowego Snu, smartApart.pl, rook - blisko natury, Symposium Cracoviense, hubdesign.pl, hoom, girafi, przetworów Krokus, Twinpigs - Westernowego Parku Rozrywki, Złap Kuriera, FADO hotel, SELLON.pl, FajneRPG, ODO 24 Sp. z o.o, Nowoczesna Firma and many more.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with my portfolio.